Backing IMMUNIO to democratize cyber

27 April 2016

by White Star Capital

The web has a long history of famous security hacks. Attackers are increasingly getting savvier and sharing best practices amongst themselves. They collaborate to work around Web Application Firewall or “WAF” solutions that run at the perimeter of a web site. This has led many to claim that “WAF is dead.” WAF was not designed to run in a cloud based environment, is complex to use and not effective against advanced attacks.

What does this mean for web application developers who must ensure that their app is secure? A hack has both soft costs and hard costs. Technical architectures have evolved into run-time applications that can scale across web and mobile, but which have also been more vulnerable than ever to attack. Cyber attacks cause significant financial damages; one only has to look at the size of the cybersecurity insurance products alone – $7.5B – to underwrite the risk to web attacks.

At White Star, we agree with Gartner that runtime application self-protection (RASP) will be the leading technology that will help application developers and CISOs secure their applications. Instead of running at the perimeter, RASP solutions are directly integrated into the application. RASP products operate at the runtime level and so they understand the application logic, configuration, and data and event flows, which are critical for detecting and deterring attacks with the necessary high accuracy.

We are, therefore, delighted to announce that White Star Capital is leading the Series A of IMMUNIO, one of the pioneers in the emerging RASP ecosystem.


We chose to invest in IMMUNIO for several key reasons:

  • IMMUNIO’s solution is the most open, fastest, and easiest way to deploy a RASP. A two line change protects the application. Visibility into attacks as they happen with identification of the exact line of code where the security issue exists. IMMUNIO even suggests how to modify code to protect the application with a user interface that is quite easy to use with insightful dashboards. More importantly, IMMUNIO’s solution is delivered without noticeable impact on application performance.

  • The leadership team, which has worked together in the past, is outstanding and can develop, market, sell, and support the industry’s best technology.

  • IMMUNIO’s focus on network effects fits in our thesis of “data as a competitive advantage.” The network effects from the many sites that IMMUNIO protects allows it to improve automatic detection of advanced attacks across its client base.

If you are an application developer or a CISO, try IMMUNIO’s free trial now.